• Competent and efficient classroom manager with a positive classroom demeanor
  • Swift to establish and maintain a consistent, supportive and positive environment
  • Creates an inclusive, interactive and work-focused classroom
  • Successfully caters to second-language speaker needs, skills that were solidified by a paper on Teaching English Language Learners
  • Fluent in effective methods for supporting students with special needs after completing papers in Learners with Behavioural Difficulties, Gifted and Talented Students and Teaching Methods for Students with Diverse Needs at university
  • Maintains a safe physical, emotional and social environment in line with Child Protection guidelines, guided by a course by the NSPCC in London


  • Strong knowledge base, enhanced by papers in Current Issues in English and Curriculum Design
  • Creates, manages, and moderates a range of varied assessment activities
  • Effectively aligns international curriculum to meet national curriculum needs
  • Proven ability to swiftly and deftly adapt to new curricula, having worked with six examination boards
  • Continuously creates fresh, innovative, interactive lessons by utilising the latest technology to enhance curriculum material, which is differentiated to cater to all students’ needs, abilities, cultures and interests
  • Regularly supports students through an e-learning platform, which allows students to review and further extend their knowledge


  • Proven commitment to on-going profesional development through courses, examiners’ training and marking and through CIS evaluator experience
  • A commitment to behaving professionally by honouring school goals and deadlines and swiftly responding to requests
  • A drive to take on new challenges, such as Approaches to Learning Skills coordinator and CIS accreditation peer evaluator


  • Driven to be a supportive and useful team member
  • Continual willingness to take on responsibilities and to use initiative
  • Experienced at being a team leader in both London and Istanbul